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Chapter 112
Return of the Bratswurth

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(Originally posted November 30, 2013)

The whole park felt blissfully empty today (ah, summer Saturdays—how I loved thee!).

Tracy “tried on” a Jasmine tiara at the shop in Fantasy Faire, but she couldn’t really get a good grasp on the fit because the cardboard was in the way.

We went back out into Fantasy Faire with just a few minutes before the next set of princesses were set to come out.

When the time came, we specifically asked to see Jasmine, and the cast member sent us through the other side of the hall. Aurora seemed to have gotten pretty extensive plastic surgery to change her face since we had met her a half-hour earlier.

But next was Jasmine herself!

Unfortunately, she wasn’t anywhere near as excited about Tracy’s nails as we hoped she’d be… Bit of a letdown, really.

Cinderella was last, meaning we’d seen quite the selection of princesses this afternoon!

Exiting Fantasy Faire, we went through the castle into Fantasyland.

There was no line for Casey Jr., so we decided to ride that.

Unfortunately, we were slow to board and got put in one of the cages… It was still fun though.

We rode the Carrousel and Pinocchio next (both with no waits), and then we walked by the Matterhorn to watch the yodelers who were performing as part of Limited Time Magic.

It’s hard to even express how bizarre and awesome this performance was. The yodeler/baritone/accordion-playing duo were fantastic, and the whole thing just added a layer of authenticity to the Matterhorn. We loved it, and we wished they would perform on the side of the mountain every weekend.

We were ready for dinner (even though it was pretty early), and we decided to combine eating with waiting for the next showing of Mickey and the Magical Map. We headed to the Troubadour Tavern and got the Bratwurst Sausage (in a Garlic & Herb Brioche with Hickory Smoked Bacon Sauerkraut).

As you know, we are always suckers for good brats (and yes, we still call them “bratswurth” between the two of us), and this one was really delicious! We especially like the unique sauerkraut—which I know isn’t in that picture, but here it is.

We sat on the ground in line for the Fantasyland Theatre while we ate. The crowds felt a little like they were closing in around us, which definitely sparked Tracy’s tendency toward claustrophobia. Luckily, we got let into the theatre about 15 minutes before the show. We grabbed spots at the front of the middle section so we wouldn’t have people right in front of us.

Waiting for a while longer, I remember that I signed onto Twitter and read the bizarre news about J.K. Rowling’s new book (under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith), The Cuckoo’s Calling. Always a fan of anything she does, I was PSYCHED to have a new book to read!

Anyway, I digress. Eventually, the show started. Now, we had read/heard reviews of Mickey and the Magical Map before seeing it, but we were determined to withhold judgment until we had gotten to experience it ourselves.

As the show began, we were immediately impressed by the technology. The screens on the stairs are all very impressive.

And I love how real-life Mickey interacts with the characters on-screen.

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