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Prologue, Part II
Change Is Inevitable

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There are things that I don’t really want to get into on the Internet, but it’s important to the narrative of this blog to let you know that everything changed around the middle of April. Really, it would have been great if the first four months of 2014 just hadn’t existed, but sometimes life throws you curveballs.

Anyway, a variety of factors influenced a major decision that we made in late April. Tracy and I were going to be moving back to Boulder, CO—our hometown—as soon as possible. Honestly, I think both of us seriously wished at some point or another that we could reschedule the cruise, because the timing couldn’t have been more inconvenient. But since we had chosen our fare with restrictions, we weren’t allowed any changes. Period.

So we made things work. After a lengthy stint in Colorado (during which we found a new place to live), we returned to Orange County about a week-and-a-half before we would be leaving for the cruise. We had these short days to pack up our entire condo and store all of our possessions in a pod that would be shipped across the country while we were in Alaska. Seemingly before we knew it, we were sitting in a mostly empty apartment—there was still some furniture left that we were trying to sell—and it was officially the day before our adventure was set to begin.

Our itinerary was very spaced out for the first few days of the trip so that we would have plenty of wiggle room in case anything went wrong. Thursday evening (May 22nd) we would fly from CA to Seattle and spend the night at my aunt’s house. Then on Friday, we would take the bus up to Vancouver and stay for one night at an Airbnb we had found in the city. Then, on May 24th, we would officially set sail on the Disney Wonder.

I can’t pretend that we were feeling great about everything in life as the vacation drew near, but we were determined to make this adventure amazing. Honestly, after all the crap we’d been through over the last month, we felt we deserved this trip, and we were very ready for it to officially get underway.

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