DLR Life Report Update (5/6/13) | We Moved to Disneyland!! Now What…?

Chapter 29
Haul Out the Holly

(Originally posted May 6, 2013)

On one of the first days of December (or maybe it was one of the last days of November), we finally got the living room clear enough that we were able to put up our Christmas tree.

While not religious, Tracy and I are HUGE fans of Christmas. I just love the feelings of joy that the whole holiday season brings. We also love Christmas music, so this began the span of over a month during which our Christmas playlist was constantly playing on Spotify around the house.

Every year Tracy and I buy a new bear-themed ornament. This year, we had bought a Duffy ornament at World of Disney in Walt Disney World, and he was the first one to adorn the tree.

We have a lot of ornaments and have basically outgrown our 4-foot tree. Here’s the final product.

We also hung our stockings by the door to complete our interior decorations.

Our decorating complete, it was time to head to Downtown Disney and see how their decorations were coming along.

Seemingly overnight, several new decorations had sprung up. First there was this Holiday Village.

Of course, other areas of Downtown Disney were pretty much unchanged.

We liked these fake birds of paradise in one of the planters on the light poles.

We went into Build-a-Bear and found this Baby Bjorn for a teddy bear. We’ve always joked about how we need one of these to bring Duffy everywhere with us, so the fact that it exists is just ridiculous!

We put it off till later to decide if we wanted to buy it, and we never did end up getting it…

Now it was time to check out the granddaddy of all Christmas trees, which we had read on Twitter had just been erected at the Grand Californian. We walked in to see it towering.

The whole lobby had been adorned since our last visit.

While we just popped in on that day, it was very palpably the calm before the storm. There was almost no one in the lobby, but the start of the Christmas rush was just around the corner. The next time we headed over there, it would be chock full of people.

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