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Chapter 16
One Helluva Birthday Surprise

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Tracy took a bit of a detour into New Orleans Square (I don’t remember what excuse she gave), and before I knew it, she was chatting with someone I didn’t recognize. A second later, the couple introduced themselves, and I knew one of them from her Twitter handle because we’d interacted many times via the Disneyland Cats.

After a minute, Tracy explained that they were going to see if we could get into Le Salon Nouveau—the new lounge area that had opened relatively recently inside Club 33! She had contacted our hosts to ask if they wanted to meet up in the parks and (knowing it was a stretch) whether they could possibly get us in to see the famously exclusive restaurant.

They rang the doorbell that we’d passed by on numerous occasions, and the door actually swung open.

New Club 33 Entrance | Disneyland

The Club 33 entryway has a concierge desk on the left and a merchandise cabinet on the right.

Club 33 Concierge | Disneyland

Club 33 Souvenir Case | Disneyland

Obviously, our hosts were members, and they asked at the desk whether there was currently room in Le Salon Nouveau. Like 1901 Lounge in DCA, this lounge/bar area doesn’t take reservations from members, but it is always there if they want to go in for a drink or a bite to eat. Of course, if the day happens to be popular among members, then all the tables might be taken, so there’s no real guarantee that they can get in. Also like 1901, Salon Nouveau is only open to members and their guests—as opposed to the main Club 33 dining room, for which members can occasionally make reservations for unaccompanied guests. In this way, the lounges are actually a little more exclusive than the restaurant.

There were no issues with us getting into the Salon. They just told us it would be a couple minutes and invited us to pass the time in the Court of Angels.

Court of Angels | Club 33 | Disneyland

Yes, closed off but not actually gone, the area looked almost exactly as we had remembered it before the big Club 33 renovation restricted access. They had added a couple new accouterments, like this Tinker Bell lamp.

Tinker Bell Lamp | Court of Angels | Club 33 | Disneyland

Fountain | Court of Angels | Club 33 | Disneyland

Since we didn’t know the next time we’d be able to access this area (if ever), we gratefully posed for a picture on the steps of the Court of Angels.

Court of Angels | Club 33 | Disneyland

Court of Angels | Club 33 | Disneyland

And within just a couple minutes, we had the go-ahead to make our way toward the concierge stand upstairs.

New Club 33 Foyer | Disneyland

Now, since I’m not 100% sure what the layout of Club 33 was before the renovation, I can’t speak to exactly what this new entryway was in days past. I feel like it was part of the kitchen or some sort of other backstage area, though, because we would often see cast members making their way through the door when we would be hanging out in the Court.

Obviously it is now a gorgeous foyer, complete with tons of natural light, elegant fixtures, and light woods. The chandelier, in particular, acts as quite the centerpiece and really draws the eye.

Club 33 Foyer Chandelier | Disneyland

Of course, we’d heard/read about the animatronic vultures that Walt had installed into the original Club 33 Trophy Room, but I didn’t know that any of them had made it into the new incarnation. Our hosts told us to keep an eye on him because he occasionally moves and talks.

Vulture Animatronic | Club 33 Foyer | Disneyland

Le Salon Nouveau functions like a lounge, so it’s less of a formal affair to dine there. I don’t think you can really seat yourself, but our hosts were able to requests a booth that they’d been wanting to try out for a while. Almost all of the tables have enchanted artwork hanging above them, and this one was Haunted Mansion themed.

Haunted Mansion Enchanted Artwork | Le Salon Nouveau | Club 33 | Disneyland

After dropping our stuff at the table, we got to experience the grand tour of the lounge. We continued down the hallway we were in and emerged into the open seating area with a bar and piano.

Le Salon Nouveau | Club 33 | Disneyland

The piano apparently is equipped with state-of-the-art technology so it can be programmed to play along with live concerts around the world.

Le Salon Nouveau Piano | Club 33 | Disneyland

Everything about this area just had a really cool vibe—like a ritzy jazz club. I think it was the exposed brick that gave it that feeling, but there were also neat light fixtures and other pieces of furniture.

Le Salon Nouveau Lamp | Club 33 | Disneyland

Le Salon Nouveau | Club 33 | Disneyland

The bar itself is also very fancy and prominently features the new logo in carved wood.

Le Salon Nouveau Bar | Club 33 | Disneyland

The jazz flavor continues with some of the other artwork.

Le Salon Nouveau Artwork | Club 33 | Disneyland

And I was particularly fond of this lamp that was made up of woodwind and brass instruments.

Le Salon Nouveau Instrument Lamp | Club 33 | Disneyland

This part of the tour also took us out to see the new tables they’d added on one of the balconies, and we could see out to the New Orleans Square train station—which gave us a better idea exactly where we were within the land.

After we’d seen the whole salon (which feels bigger than I’d expected but is certainly still quaint), we sat back down and started leafing through the menu to decide what to order.

Le Salon Nouveau Menu | Club 33 | Disneyland

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