Harry Potter Studio Tour: Hogwarts Express | 2016 London and Paris Trip Report

Chapter 14
Platform 9-3/4

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This plaque describes the bookending train station shots at the beginning and end of the movie saga.

And then you follow the signage toward Platform 9-3/4.

I got ready to push my luggage trolley through the barrier.

And bam – just like that, we were in King’s Cross.

Each of the trolleys had initials on them, so it was a bit of a game trying to figure out which was which. Here are Harry’s warring girlfriends.

We hadn’t even been to the real King’s Cross yet, but I could already tell it was eerie how similar this set was.

Here’s Hermione’s school things.

My favorite part was that she even has a copy of Hogwarts: A History.

This steam engine was used throughout the film to portray the Hogwarts Express.

Several trolleys were embedded halfway through the wall (similar to the one at the real King’s Cross). Also the Crookshanks on this trolley was the same one we bought at Universal Orlando a couple years earlier.

Just going to Hogwarts. Peace out.

I wish we could have just taken a little ride on the train. I don’t care if the track in front of it is fake…

There were British schoolchildren everywhere at this point in the tour. Now, I’ll admit that Tracy and I have half-jokingly said that the only child we would ever want would be an adopted British orphan because they always seem so polite. Not quite the case when we saw them in real life and they were just as obnoxious as regular elementary schoolers. The upside, however, is that they do have nice accents.

There was a queue to board the train and walk through its corridors to see into the compartments.

Alongside the train, I love seeing all the various luggage.

Here we go up the stairs.

It was a little tricky trying to peer into the individual compartments and take photos (between the glare and the fact that they were each so tiny).

Each one had a few props that suggested a certain year at Hogwarts.

Probably the most easily identifiable one was this compartment from the sixth film.

The last compartment took a little jump back in time to show off the scene in the first movie in which Harry and Ron meet.

The next area featured the costumes worn by Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione in their “19 years later” outfits. That scene takes place on September 1st of this year!

Here is another pair of Harry glasses (these ones are broken and cellotaped).

One of my favorite displays came  next. These were various books, letters, and similar props made for the movies.

Umbridge’s letter to McGonnagall is straight out of the book, and I love it. Look at that cat stationery!

Here’s Dumbledore’s will and the letter from Lily that Snape cries over.

This is the non-animated Marauder’s Map.

And here are various Daily Prophets and such.

If they had sold all these in the gift shop (even if the books are totally blank), I definitely would have had trouble stopping myself from buying all of them.

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