Playing with Dolphins in Nassau | Bahamian Cruise Trip Report Update

Chapter 12
Unexpected Encounter

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Once we had finished the Sea Lion Encounter, we changed back out of our swimsuits and showered off.

We also wandered around the back area of the island a bit.

They had a couple touch-tanks with various creatures like anemones, starfish, and sea cucumbers.

When we went all the way back over to the sea lion habitat, they were back to swimming around and enjoying the day.

We also walked around the rest of the island to check out the various dolphin habitats. Most of the dolphin encounters seemed to have wrapped up for the morning as well, so they were just swimming around or interacting with their trainers.

I would love to do a dolphin encounter sometime after how much fun we had with the sea lions.

Next, we went over to the shack where the pictures were sold and chose the four images featured in the previous post to commemorate our time with the sea lions.

Apparently there’s at least one feral cat living on the island because they had a glamour shot of him as one of the photos for sale.

Photo CD in hand, we started walking back toward the shore where the boat had dropped us off. It was so pretty in every direction.

Suddenly, we spotted a basketball flying toward the walkway from what seemed like the middle of nowhere, and the person on the bridge caught it and threw it back into the water. As we got closer, we saw that one of the dolphins below us was playing catch.

When the guy on the bridge walked away, the dolphin still wanted to play, so he started throwing the ball to me and Tracy and then catching it again.

He was really very talented.

Though the one dolphin had claimed the ball, another dolphin would occasionally try to steal it, so they would swim off at top speed to keep ownership.

Here’s a video showing some of their escapades.

[kad_youtube url=”” ]


Once the dolphins had started paying more attention to each other than they were to us, we moved along.

We hadn’t really done any research into what exactly Blue Lagoon Island was, but it turned out that it was a beach destination that some people took excursions to visit without including animal encounters. We were allowed to use the beach as much as we wanted, as long as we took the boat back to port at some point.

While we weren’t particularly interested in laying out here, we did consider staying for lunch and walked around to see what options were available.

The menu at the island’s cafe didn’t look too exciting, so we decided to just head back to the ship for some pre-paid lunch instead.

The excursion out to Blue Lagoon had been really fantastic, and I think we made the right call booking this one Port Adventure. But now it was time to get back to the Dream and do a little more playing and exploring.

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