Midship Detective Agency | Bahamian Cruise Trip Report Update

Chapter 19
Invasion of the Puppy-Snatchers

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It was mid-afternoon when we arrived back on the ship.

We went to the Cove Cafe to get some coffee and desserts. I feel like the sampling of snacks in the Cove Cafe is the most underutilized smorgasbord on the Disney ships. There are delicious pastries there all day, every day, and they are totally rife for the taking.

It had been a while since lunch, and we somehow found ourselves feeling peckish (even after all those snacks), so we went down to Flo’s V8 Cafe.

I got some pizza from Luigi’s.

We walked by the funnel vision, where they were showing Ratatouille on the big screen.

Though we hoped that this would be an opportune time to ride the AquaDuck without quite as bad a wait, we were disappointed once again to find the line exceeded an hour. Since the slide was off the table, we decided to try out the Midship Detective Agency game instead.

Of course, we chose the Case of the Missing Puppies.

Actually participating in one of these games was a novelty to us. Sure, we had picked up a deck of Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom cards on our last trip to WDW, but we only got through one “battle” before other distractions took hold of our attention.

I think that the Disney Cruise Line is a much better place to feature these games than the parks, because there isn’t quite as much going on.

When we committed ourselves to playing, this game was a lot of fun. The way that it integrates the enchanted artwork is very clever and feels rather magical.

I had to stop and take a picture when I saw this old-timey communication device so reminiscent of the Titanic.

We continued our quest, and it actually took us all over the ship—including a few corners we hadn’t yet explored.

While the animated artwork is very fun, I also love all the homages to Walt that adorn many walls.

Our sojourn across all the decks took us outside on Deck 4.

We also ended up back in the atrium for a bit and took some photos of a few details that we’d missed before now.

Captain Mickey was out in his dress whites, and we posed for a photo with him.

And then it was back to work searching for the villainous scoundrel who was kidnapping puppies!


In the end, the mystery was solved and the puppies reunited. We were very proud of our detective skills! I like that there are two different cases you can take part in on board the Dream because we can try the other one next time. It also sounds like the Midship Detective Agency is different on the Fantasy (featuring the Muppets!), so there’s a big “replayability” factor.

After concluding the game, we walked by this poster, which brought back lots of memories!

And then we went back on deck and saw that the ship was once again in motion.

We were plying the waterways back toward the United States, and now it was time to head to our last dinner on the Dream.

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